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 Il vaticano  alleato del nazismo e del fascismo
PAPA PIO XI complice fascismo e il nazismo
La storia è spesso crudele, certe persone fanno certe cose e non si rendono conto che stanno entrando in un percorso di oscurità e molte saranno segnati nella storia come grandi cattivi. Questa è la storia di Papa Pio XI, che hanno aderito e sostenuto il regime fascista di Mussolini e il regime nazista di Hitler. La Chiesa Cattolica ha vinto regalo de Mussolini il territorio del Vaticano come stato indipendente. (Commento: Scriba Valdemir Mota de Menezes)

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Tutta la verità su Papa Ratzinger Guardate sopratt le foto
Video contenenti foto di Papa Benedetto XVI, nella sua giovinezza, come un nazista militante sono vietati in alcuni paesi, nel tentativo di nascondere il vergognoso passato del Pontefice cattolico, ora in pensione. (Commento di Scriba Valdemir Mota de Menezes)

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Par: Valdemir Mota de Menezes, le scribe C'est un bon documentaire sur Martin Luther, cet homme a été un tournant, il pourrait mettre fin à des siècles de tyrannie de l'Eglise catholique dans le monde. Les papes depuis des siècles a conduit le sort des personnes aussi bien compris. La vie et la mort de personnes a été décidé par le catholicisme. Luther a protesté contre les abus de l'Église. Seulement aujourd'hui, il aurait un travail encore plus grande en raison de l'action de certains pasteurs évangéliques.

Martin Luther, l'homme qui fit trembler l... por videosfavoritesescribe

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Este documentário é extremamente revelador do passado sombrio e maligno da organização religiosa chamada IGREJA CATÓLICA APOSTÓLICA ROMANA. A Santa Inquisição foi a maior maquina de matança e tortura que o mundo já viu, equiparando em atrocidade ao Nazismo de Hitler. Assista este documentário e você vai entender porque o imperador Francês Napoleão Bonaparte foi considerado pela Igreja Católica um AntiCristo. Napoleão lutou contra a tirania da Inquisição. O penultimo Papa Bento XVI foi o terceiro Prefeito da Congregação para a Doutrina da Fé, atual nome da famigerada "Suprema e Sacra Congregação da Inquisição Universal". Este documentário mostra a história de um menino judeu que foi sequestrado pela Igreja Católica e forçado a se tornar católico. A história da Igreja Católica é negra, maligna e maldita. Jamais me associaria a uma organização com um passado tão perverso. (Comentário do Escriba Valdemir Mota de Menezes)

ARQUIVOS SECRETOS - O FIM DA INQUISIÇÃO por favoritosescribavaldemir

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A Igreja Católica Romana acumulou durante séculos de existência muitos tesouros que não são do conhecimento público. Muitos destes tesouros se tratam de artes sacras, e documentos antiguíssimos que conta a história de personagens que fizeram a história da cristandade. Muitos cristãos esqueceram das palavras de Jesus que o seu reino não é deste mundo e de que não devemos ajuntar tesouro na terra. Muitos Papas viveram em suntuosos castelos e sempre amaram o poder temporal e secular. Uma vergonha para o cristianismo. (Comentário do Valdemir Mota de Menezes, o Escriba)

VATICANO MUITO OURO E PODER por Scribeofgodvaldemir

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On the decision of Joseph Ratzinger, Pope Benedict XVI, leaving the command of the Vatican, signed matter where proven facts reported by authorities, some of them witnessed by me on the spot. Benedict suffers from diseases that are typical of a person with 85 years, but was not announced osteoarthritis that led to the decision to discontinue own pontificate. Ratzinger failed to cope with organized crime that is rampant in the wings of the Vatican. Whoever does not accept this reality ignores the truth, the obvious, which was proved and confirmed by investigations of all suits.
Have written on the subject caused a revolution in banda Catholic who attends the worldwide web, the Orthodox
Like it or not bothered, there is no escaping the truth of the facts of history. The rascality circulates the halls of the Vatican from the end of the era of John XXIII, which does not mean that before the slutty there ceased to reign in some time. Between being a Catholic and believe in what they do and say tenants Vatican there is abysmal away. And it is exactly this gap that makes many blind people face the reality.
The parallel state criminal and there in St. Peter's Square gained momentum when Licio Gelli, who was close to Benito Mussolini, joined the then Archbishop Paul Marcinkus and Roberto Calvi, who chaired the Banco Ambrosiano and was known as the "banker of God" in the wake of a major political and financial scandals in the history of Italy. With the death of Giovanni Montini, Pope Paul VI, reached the highest position of the Catholic Church the former Patriarch of Venice, Albino Luciani, Pope John Paul I. Upright man, honest and humble, Luciani lasted a very short time in office.
In the thirty-three days of his pontificate, John Paul I tried to end organized crime that dominated the Vatican since long. The Holy See announced that Albino Luciani died of a heart attack, but in fact he was poisoned. A close aide, a member of the gang who acted since the time of Paul VI put cyanide in tea Luciani. While waiting to choose a new pontiff, Gelli, Calvi and Marcinkus acted freely and relied on the criminal mind of Michele Sindona, the "Shark", prominent member of the Masonic lodge Propaganda Due or P2, one of the vertices of the scandal, banker and member of Cosa Notra, the Sicilian Mafia.
Chosen as the new pope, the Polish Karol Wojtyla, John Paul II and, also attempted a housecleaning in the bowels of the Vatican, as had been warned about the functioning of the criminal scheme that prevailed in the Holy See Wojtyla had barely begun to take steps to clean up when he suffered an attack in full St. Peter's Square, episode that had the shooter, not coincidentally, the Turkish gunman Mehmet Ali Agca.
The offender, who was arrested by security guards immediately Vatican, and then was pardoned by Wojtyla still in prison, was a member of the Grey Wolves and was in the service of the Turkish mafia, which in turn had the support operational and strategic Soviet Leonid Brezhnev.

The Turkish mafia was the other end of the scheme which used the central Banco Ambrosiano as money laundering. The Grey Wolves participated in Operation Gladio (which I detail below), but his paintings were in Soviet agents who infiltrated the behest of Brezhnev, who wanted information about the activities of clandestine group of secret information.
At the time the scandal broke, it was discovered that the hole in the Vatican bank, the Ambrosiano shareholder, was nearly $ 2 billion. Backstage, the criminal action - that led to the fall Ambrosiano and caused a hole in the Vatican Bank - was led by Roberto Calvi, Paul Marcinkus, Licio Gelli and Michele Sindona.
On account of this criminal plot, which took a netizen debauched and abused to say that my story was more like a screenplay by Dan Brown, author of the bestseller "The Da Vinci Code", go down to the details of the scheme that led Benedict XVI to choose by resignation. I did not create any story, let alone story, but reported facts that closely followed, and many others have followed and studied for over twenty years. When members of the Catholic Church to come into contact, under the promise of confidentiality, recognizing that I am right, it is clear that I am no writer of thriller and not get to cheer decompensated mentally.

Who was who in the plot
Paul Marcinkus
Born in the United States, Paul Marcinkus, the gorilla (who had chaired the Banco Ambrosiano), reached the rank of third most important man in the Vatican, and for eighteen years (1971-1989), presided over the Vatican Bank, which was a partner -controller Ambrosiano. For topping their physical and truculent way, Marcinkus acted as bodyguard of Pope Paul VI and was accused of participating in the plot that led John Paul I to death.
The Ambrosiano scandal was such, that the Vatican worked with refuge that bastard who spoke on behalf of Christ not been arrested and convicted. To protect Marcinkus, the Vatican put his criminal network to act behind the scenes of Italian justice, who took investigate. To justify not punishing Marcinkus and other directors of Banco Ambrosiano, the Italian court invoked the Lateran Treaty, which transformed the Vatican State and provides, in one of his articles that "the central entities of the Catholic Church are exempt from any interference by the Italian State. " Marcinkus lived in the Vatican, in the shadow of the Lateran Treaty until returning to the United States, where he died in 2006.
Licio Gelli
Licio Gelli, head honcho of the Masonic Lodge P2, which is venerable master, and known criminal who acted in bins of power, was informant Gestapo during World War 2. Gelli part of Operation Gladio, a clandestine organization that functioned as central intelligence, whose purpose was to prevent the invasion of Italy by the Soviet Union. In many instances, the Gladio, which had its existence officially recognized by former Italian Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti, wore low of strategies to destabilize the country's political system. What explains the logistical support given to the Turkish mafia, by Leonid Brezhnev, who was in Italy dozen moles.
Licio Gelli was accused of involvement in the deaths of former Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro, the journalist Mino Pecorelli, Roberto Calvi and John Paul I. About to turn 94 years old, meets Gelli house arrest in property that has in Tuscany.
Pecorelli The journalist was kidnapped and killed by "Brigate Rosse" (Red Brigades), Italian terrorist organization that Gelli had close relations because of Operation Gladio, which was the backdrop for the atrocities committed by Cesare Battisti, who told the criminal with the help of Lula in Brazil to continue unpunished.
The group "Red Brigades", which participated in the Gladio, was responsible for the bombing of a train in Bologna in 1980, leaving the station in town was the target of bomb inside a tunnel, killing dozens of people and leaving two hundred passengers injured .
In 2002, the Italian court sentenced Giulio Andreotti to 24 years in prison for the murder of journalist Mino Pecorelli.
Roberto Calvi
Born in Milan, Roberto Calvi headed the Banco Ambrosiano and was known at the time of the scandal, as "God's Banker". Directly involved in the plot that led Ambrosiano bankrupt billionaire and caused a leak in the Vatican Bank, entitled to embezzlement for personal use of many of the members of the scheme and improper payments to the P2 Masonic Lodge, Calvi fled Italy and was eventually murdered in London.
In June 1982, Calvi's body was found in a field under a bridge in the English capital, hanging from a rope, implying that the former president of Banco Ambrosiano had committed suicide. At the time, I stated that Calvi had been murdered, but only in 2002 that was confirmed by a team of medical examiners, after the exhumation of the remains of a member of the gang that operated under the blessing of the Vatican.
During the period in which chaired the Banco Ambrosiano, Roberto Calvi had as principal advisor and right arm a former secret service agent Italian Francesco Pazienza. Accused of involvement in the terrorist bombing of Bologna, on the death of Calvi and the scandal that led to the fall of Ambrosiano, Francesco Pazienza fled Italy and provided services to intelligence agencies from various Latin American countries and served Manuel Noriega, drug dealer Panamanian who was a friend.

Pazienza was arrested in the United States and extradited to Italy, where he served time and was placed on probation in 2009. Being an itinerant file as much information about the breakdown of Ambrosiano are still ignored, Pazienza should not last long.

Michele Sindona
Michele Sindona, unscrupulous banker who was known as "Jaws" and who ran a financial institution in Switzerland and led to the bankruptcy Banca Privata Italiana, served for decades as the financial arm of the Cosa Nostra, the Sicilian mafia. Sindona was also accused of paying bribes of $ 5.5 million to Calvi and Marcinkus.
In 1986, Michele Sindona was sentenced to life in prison for the death of lawyer Giorgio Ambrosoli, occurred in 1979. Ambrosoli was nominated by the Italian court as liquidator of the bankrupt estate of Banca Privata Italiana, when he discovered the criminal activities of Sindona in the financial institution. Before that, Michele Sindona was appointed by Pope Paul VI as financial advisor to the Vatican and a member of the board of the Vatican Bank.
Given the facts, the Vatican, without having to explain the appointment of criminal, informed by noting he had been tricked by Sindoma. Serving time in maximum security prison in Lombardy, Michele Sindona promised to reveal details of the scandals, but died in his cell in March 1986, while drinking coffee, During expertise, police discovered that the drink contained cyanide, the same tactic used to assassinate John Paul I.

Emanuela Orlandi's case
The daughter of a Vatican official, Emanuela Orlandi was not the protagonist of the scandal, but victim of a criminal organization that was headed by Marcinkus Pauli. Emanuela disappeared in 1983 when she was 15, and was never found.
What was to be a trivial case of disappearance became, in a short time, most sinister chapter in the scandal that had the Banco Ambrosiano in the bow and involved the Vatican, the Vatican Bank and a criminal organization known as "Banda della Magliana , "who served in the Italian capital.
The "Banda della Magliana" was led by Enrico de Pedis, a delinquent who, along with their partners in crime, acted in drug trafficking, money laundering and turf. Beside the Gladio, the "Banda della Magliana" participated in terrorist attacks carried out during the Cold War, with the aim of destabilizing Italian politics during what was called the "Years of Lead".
The "band" was accused of participating in the murder of journalist Carmine Pecorelli, the former Prime Minister Aldo Moro and the then chairman of Banco Ambrosiano, Roberto Calvi, and involvement in the bombing of Bologna railway station.
Manuela Orlandi's disappearance was linked to the failed attempt to assassinate Karol Wojtyla, Pope John Paul II in St. Peter's Square. In June 2008, Sabrina Minardi, former girlfriend of De Pedis, said in testimony that Emanuela was kidnapped and killed by "Banda della Magliana", and his body thrown in cement crusher, at the request of Archbishop Paul Marcinkus.
Enrico de Pedis approached Marcinkus through Roberto Calvi, Ambrosiano's then president, who welcomed and washed the dirty money "Banda Magliana it." According to the testimony of Sabrina Minardi order of Marcinkus was intended to silence the father of Emanuela Orlandi, who knew too much about the filthy backstage Vatican.
De Pedis died in February 1990, assassinated by his old cronies. Its proximity to the dome criminal Vatican assured her burial beside popes and cardinals at St. Apollinaris.
After complaint, the prosecutor of Rome decided to open the tomb and investigation confirmed that De Pedis had indeed been buried in a basilica belonging to the Vatican. Prosecutors are continuing the investigation to determine the reasons that led to so strange burial.
There disconnected information in the case, but the ex-girlfriend of Enrico de Pedis had no reason to lie in testimony, almost twenty years after the death of the leader of "Banda della Magliana."
Allegations of Viganò

Joseph Ratzinger is not an innocent man and devoid of intelligence. If so, it would never have reached the Supreme Pontiff of the Catholic Church. Ratzinger weighs against the fact that integrated the Hitlerjugend (Hitler Youth), a division of SS created by order of Adolf Hitler and composed of young Germans. In other words, the then young Joseph Ratzinger was left no option other than to comply with the determination of a thug who believed in the supremacy of the Aryan race and the possibility of world domination. And this detail has been used by some who want to give distinct connotation to the decision to terminate his term Benedict XVI in front of the Vatican.
Knowing what happened in the Vatican before his selection as pope, Joseph Ratzinger was warned by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò about the criminal scheme that still dominates the seat of Catholicism.
In its letter to the pope, whose contents leaked to the press, Viganò, who was secretary general of the Governorate of the Vatican, said that there "work the same companies, twice (cost) of other out due to the fact there is no transparency whatsoever in contract management of construction and engineering. " For the case does not turn into yet another scandal in the harvest of the Catholic Church, the Vatican said that the statements of Carlo Maria Viganò resulted from "inaccurate ratings."
Viganò followed in their complaints and in a letter to Ratzinger stressed: "I never would have thought to find myself in a situation as disastrous," which despite being "unimaginable, was known throughout the Curia." Moreover, the complainant stated that bankers who called up the Finance Committee and Management are concerned more with their own interests than with the Vatican, noting that in December 2009 "burned $ 2.5 million" in an operation financial. That is, the diversion of money for personal expenses were part of the council criminal and that led Banco Ambrosiano in question continues to break in St. Peter's Square.
The scandal Vatileaks
Butler Pope Benedict XVI since 2006, Paolo Gabriele was arrested on charges of stealing secret documents from the Vatican dome found by police in her apartment.
The scandal Vatileaks, an allusion to Wikileaks, came up in January 2012, when the Italian journalist Gianluigi Nuzzi published the contents of the letter from Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò to the pope. In this letter, Viganò asked the Pope not to be transferred only on account of their complaints. However, Ratzinger's decision to send one of the former directors of the Vatican to the United States may have saved the life of Carlo Maria Viganò.
Also in the first half of 2012, the scandal was reinforced by the leak of documents dealing with a fierce struggle for power in the Vatican and report the efforts of Benedict XVI to show greater financial transparency and comply strictly with international standards on combating money laundering and money. During this period, an anonymous letter, which won the news, was an alert about a death threat against the pope.
The case gained new contours and explosives with the launch in May 2012, the book "His Holiness, the Secret Letters of Benedict XVI," the journalist Gianluigi Nuzzi, who in his work dealt with the confidential correspondence exchanged between Benedict XVI and his secretary personnel. Controversial, but true, the book shows the hidden face of the Vatican, where intrigues frames and endless disputes for power occur during the daytime. Nuzzi's book also reveals details about personal finance Ratzinger, cases of bribe payment schedule to get an audience with the Pope, and secret reports about Italian politicians, such as President Giorgio Napolitano and Berlusconi.
Gianluigi Nuzzi guarantees have not even paid one euro for paperwork, which confirms that important and secret Vatican documents were leaked on purpose in an attempt to intimidate the criminals who operate in the Holy See Chosen to be the operator of that leak documents, the butler Paolo Gabriele was arrested, but knowing too loose and ended in late 2012 received a pardon from the pope, which shows that the transaction was prearranged, but not had the desired effect and led Ratzinger to announce the end of his pontificate.
My final thoughts
Being informed is a crime in Brazil for those who know nothing and think themselves the embodiment of wisdom. Reveal the truth of the facts, tell the story in your sequence real and true, it is also a crime in the sight of a band of rebels who do not conform to their own ignorance and use scrapes and defamatory statements to attack those who do not know.
I like the way journalism should be done without cheap sensationalism. If the Creator, who does not attend the Holy See decided to put myself in the right place at the right time and at certain times, not my fault. I am not an inert before history, much less a conformal not react to the lies that the mainstream press releases nonstop.